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The history of Bhārat is full of many sacrificial incidents where our ancestors donated everything for their motherland, whether it was Maharishi Dadhichi, who donated his bones to the deities (led by the deities’ king Indra) so that they can make a weapon (Vajra, after which our Kul has been named) and use it to defeat the demons, or the mother Pannā who sacrificed her only son to protect the prince while following her supreme duty towards the kingdom, or Mahārānā Pratāp who chose to feed grass bread to his children over bowing to Mughal Emperor Akbar, or Bhāmāshāh who donated all his wealth to Mahārānā Pratāp to protect the honor of the society, or young children of Guru Govind Singh ji, namely Fateh Singh (5 yrs), Jorāvar Singh (8 yrs) who chose to get buried alive into wall over giving up their religion and accepting Islam. We are proud to be the successor of such great ancestors.
Our knowledgeable ancestors taught us 4 worthy goals in life, to which every human being should strive for: Righteousness (Dharm), Wealth (Arth), Desire/Amorousness (Kām), and Salvation (Moksh). Unfortunately, our current society is only focussed on Wealth (Arth), and Desire/Amorousness (Kām). This has naturally led to overall degradation of societal values, and we see suffering all around us.
According to Ācharyā Vashishth, knowledge leads to humility, humility leads to eligibility, eligibility leads to wealth, wealth should be used for righteous charitable deeds, which leads to gratification and true happiness. Therefore, every person who seeks gratification and true happiness, should do and participate in charitable work in the society.

How beautifully former national poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar also wrote:
Charity is the natural duty of the world, man fears vainly, one day we need to give up everything ourselves,
the person who fills his life with self donation, he never dies even in death.

From these examples and explanation, the dignity of donation/charity and sacrifice is clear. According to the scriptures, there are different kinds of donation, from which cow donation, land donation, and knowledge donation are main. In my views, in current society, these are reflected in three kinds: knowledge donation, labor donation, and wealth donation. From ones consciousness, the sharpness of wisdom, and hard work, one attains knowledge, and it affects the whole life. Therefore, according to the scriptures, the knowledge donation is supreme. Then comes the labor donation, which is given by mere physical labor of man. And, at last comes the wealth donation which is a product of wisdom or physical labor. In the first two donations, the donor must be physically present/involved, and the third donation can be utilised even in the absence of the donor. Although, to achieve any task in todays world, the importance of wealth can not be under-estimated, yet, our ancestors performed most of Yajna without any wealth.
Therefore, if you find your own image and desire in the mission and objectives of Vajrakul, then for this great Yajna dedicated in the service of Mā Bhārti, on behalf of the whole Vajrakul family, I humbly request your knowledge, labor, and wealth donations (in this preference). For your contributions (including ideas and suggestions), please contact us at [email protected].