Benefits of offering medical services
via Vajra-Arogya

Our beliefs on the importance of donation/charity has been compiled on our page Support Us. In the same spirit, Former USA President Kennedy also famously said: Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. Therefore, we ask what our doctor brothers/sisters can do for India? Can you donate just ~2% (~30 min) of your daily time in the service of your nation, towards your fellow citizens? If your answer is affirmative, and this question motivates you to serve your motherland, then here are 5 reasons why doctors should join Vajra-Arogya:

  • Serving for a righteous cause will not only reward gratification and true happiness, but the doctors will be a part of such an organization that is dedicated to offering true service to our Bhāratvarsh and its children.

  • Doctors will receive annual certificates for their services via Vajra-Arogya.

  • Top 3 doctors, who offer their services via Vajra-Arogya, will be annually honoured/rewarded.

  • After 300 free consultations for patients via Vajra-Arogya, doctors will be rewarded by a virtual clinic setup which they can also use for their own practices (with 9:1 ratio).

  • Top dedicated doctors, who will offer their services to Vajra-Arogya over an extended period of time, will be awarded fellowships for national and international collaborations for their academic progress.

Moreover, we are preparing a proposal for the government’s consideration to honor and reward community services offered via Vajra-Arogya.

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