Our Mission: Healthy and Strong Citizens

Sound health is the best root for righteousness, prosperity, amorousness, and salvation.
As stated in the above line, health is the best root to achieve the four Purushārthas. So, to achieve the objectives of Vajrakul, it is necessary that every person of the society should be healthy and strong. Accordingly, the first branch of Vajrakul is established as Vajra-Arogya. It has the following objectives.

To develop and provide free virtual healthcare and medical services to rural and remote populations.

To conduct virtual health camps on health issues, with specific focus on women and children health.

To conduct virtual lectures on health education in village schools, with specific focus on women and children health.

To register volunteers as blood donors, as well as volunteers like ASHA, panchayat etc. for better reachability.

To actively involve doctors and various professionals in overall enhancement of the village environment with respect to health and fitness.

To maintain a Digital Health Diary for all citizens that can possibly help in early detection of any serious illness.

To conduct virtual exercise programmes for health and fitness of rural females, with support and/or service of female fitness experts.