Benefits of receiving medical services
via Vajra-Arogya

More than 50% of the Indian population lives in rural areas, where specialist doctors are generally unavailable. Therefore, from general health problems to severe diseases, the rural populace needs to travel to big cities for consulting specialist doctors. Mostly, after such journeys, the patients and their relatives can see the doctors only for a short time, and besides the difficulties encountered during such journeys, time and money is also wasted. If you want to get rid of such experiences and save your time and money, then you should consider receiving medical services from Vajra-Arogya for the following 5 reasons.

  • Using internet technology, receive free health services and treatment from the comfort of your home/locality (preference for rural populace), savings of time and money as well as freedom from unnecessary inconvenience.

  • Virtual examination and proper consultation by top quality specialist doctors.

  • Health camps on health topics, special focus on women health.

  • Exercise programs on internet channels for the health of rural women.

  • Health education lectures in village schools.

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